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Much to my amazement, here you are – on my About Us page.  So….I’ll assume you really want to know!  

I’m one of those women who is really identified by her family life.  My purpose is my role as a wife and mum.  Besides these aspects of my life I tend to have a wee bit of a cookbook obsession.  Just a wee bit.  No fewer than 12 huge boxes counted at our last move!  I want to pass this love for cooking down to my girls.  That, along with the fact I can never remember where I put that favourite recipe when I want to re-create it, are the reasons I started this blog. 

Health is super important to me in the raising of my family.  Because of this, you will notice that I tend to use whole wheat flour in my recipes. I also sweeten mostly with succanat, or coconut sugar. And I almost never peel a vegetable or fruit. After all, there’s a lot of nutrients in that skin! However, I realize that many use white flour, white sugar, and don’t want a potato peel visible in anything they make. Because of this, I write my recipes using general terms. “Flour” means: use whatever you have on hand. If a recipe specifically requires an exact ingredient, it will be noted.

If you get enjoyment out of your visit we welcome you to come back again and again! 

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